Alper Somuncu's Personal Site

Hi, my name is Alper Somuncu. I am an SAP platform and technology professional. I have spent the preceding fifteen years working in consulting, systems/solution architecture, technical implementation, and leadership roles in both local and international organisations. I've designed large-scale, all-encompassing SAP landscapes; delivered complex end-to-end SAP implementations and business transformations. I have experience creating and managing productive, dedicated technical teams.

I have a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and a master's degree in business administration.

Additionalliy, I have a number of certifications from various technical domains. I am a TOGAF 9 certified Enterprise Architect, AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional), AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (Professional), AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, SAP Certified OS/DB Migration Specialist, SAP Certified NetWeaver Technology Consultant, SAP Certified HANA Technology Consultant x3 (on three separate HANA releases), SAP Certified HANA Support Consultant, and Oracle Certified DBA.

While I design and deliver solutions on proprietary software for a living; I am an open source advocate and have been using, learning, and contributing to GNU/Linux on my own time.

Reach me at alper_at_somuncu_dot_org

GPG Key: 01C6 2DAB 5A49 B7F1 ADAC 0E01 950D 7EE1 D924 F4AC